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About Solutions to Problems:

Solutions to Problems is a Dear-Abbey style advice column set on a space station an indeterminate amount of time in the future. Hosts Janet Clarke, a human, and Eeeheeheehee "Loaf" Heehee, an alien, help solve problems ranging from “My boyfriend was duplicated in a transporter accident” to “My brother’s husband has a secret family in 1842.” Some of the issues revolve around technology, and some around cultural misunderstandings between humans and aliens. Through it all Janet and Loaf have their own issues to work through, and a cast of recurring characters wander in and out of the studio just to keep things interesting.

Our Story:

Nathan, Austin, and Michael met through the Boston poetry scene some time in 2012. Nathan and Austin started writing Solutions to Problems in late 2017, inspired by popular advice shows like Dear Prudence, and also by poorly-thought out episodes of Star Trek and Dr. Who. Sometime in early 2018 they realized they knew very little about sound design and brought on Michael, and thus the team was born. They released the first episode in August of 2018 and since then have been downloaded over 7,000 times.

How to Listen:

All of our episodes, along with full transcripts, are available to stream directly from our website.

We're also on iTunes and Google play, or you can download episodes to your phone or tablet on apps like Apple's Podcast app, Podcast Addict, Overcast, Radio Public, or Pocketcasts by searching for "Solutions to Problems."

Where we are on the web:

Update schedule: Season 2 begins Friday, August 31st with a new episode or mini-episode being released every other week.

What people are saying about us:

“Solutions to Problems is a welcome addition to the comedy audio drama family as well as the science fiction audio drama family… Solutions to Problems feels like the Futurama audio drama that fans deserved.” -Wil Williams, “Wil Williams Reviews”

“If you wanted Dear Abby letters in space, this is the show for you. A relationship advice radio show hosted by Janet and *dolphin noise*, they tackle some of the most and least relatable problems in the galaxy with humor, teamwork, and something vaguely resembling sensitivity. It has not once failed to make me laugh.” -Elena Fernandez-Collins, “The Bello Collective”

“Lots of audio dramas are clever and funny, but I laughed out loud listening to [Solutions to Problems] several times. It's sharply written, combining sci-fi tropes and social issues with a divine blend of satirical silliness.” -the Greater Boston team, via their Twitter account @InGreaterBoston

Cast and Crew:

Written by Nathan Comstock and Austin Hendricks (season 1 & 2) and Michael F. Gill (season 2)

Sound Design, Production and Music by Michael F. Gill

Opening theme by Thomas Dwyer

Website by Austin Hendricks

Graphic Design by Catherine Martin

Dolphin noise courtesy of Pond5, used with permission.


Austin Hendricks as Janet Clarke

Nathan Comstock as “Loaf”

Valerie Loveland as Frankie

Ramy Abdelghani as Nassif

Marten Sollinger as Narflebock (Season 1)

Chloe Cunha as Melody (Season 2)

Ron Prudent as Mr. Xorfus (Season 2)

Phoenix Bunke as Samantha (Season 2)

Additional voices are listed on our website here.


Our logo was designed by Catherine Martin, whose website can be found here.