Additional Voices

While our main cast and recurring characters can be found on the Cast & Crew page, Solutions to Problems wouldn't be possible without all of our letter readers and other additional cast members.

Season 1

Episode 1:

Thomas Dwyer - Trying on Triton

Bridget Hillyer - Physical and Frazzled on Proximus Beta

Kristen Breward - Seeing Double on Sagittarius Beta

Episode 2:

Colin Killick - Ravenous on Raknos VII

Evelyn and Eleanor Hornbeck - Are Two Heads Better than One?

Melissa Galvez - Emulated on Epsilon Gamm

Episode 3:

Ari Zirulnik - Restless over Rent

Angela Davis - Metamorphic on Mercury

Jesse Stansfield - Alternate in Anaheim

Episode 4:

Chalkey Horenstein - Very happy with my new device please disregard

Al Gundy - Limerick

Gemma Cooper-Novack - Frustrated in Fiction

Episode 5:

Nora Meiners - Missing my Mom but not this much

Aaron Yi - Out of Time

Emily DeTar Birt - Twisted up in Time

Episode 6:

Dave Comstock - A Forlorn Floraform

Aryn Orwig - Grounded on Groundhog Day

Ben Halls - Admiral Screwed

Episode 7:

Carol Hornbeck - Worried Mom

Phoenix Bunke - Teenage Dream but Not Really

Jackie Bhandari - Put out over Plants

Episode 8:

Susanna Kittredge - Chronologically Confused

Denise Potter - Lovelorn in Loxas (formerly, what’s left is Grapnofalian XXXVII).

Jen Cooper - Reticent about Robotics

Episode 9:

Kristin Leonard - Green with Envy

Catherine Martin - Dog Waiting For His Day

Lisa Peterson - I also just hate cereal

Jonah Comstock - Existentially baffled

Episode 10:

Kristopher Ball - Eliminator Troy

Marten Dollinger - Narflebock

Ian Sharp - Best served cold?

Two very nice robots - Katie from Business Advantage Plus