Episode 19: All About the Disruption of Narrative Causality

Content notes: Discussions of racism [2:20-8:30] and stalking [8:30-14:00]

Janet and Loaf listen to letters about living inside the ramifications of genetic engineering, and how to measure your compatibility with someone who was in a time loop when you met. Also, Officer Nassif is back to weigh in on the time travel shenanigans, including a time capsule letter that's turns out to be more personal then expected.

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Episode 18: Hot Messes Together

Nothing topsy-turvy at all happens to Janet and Loaf before the show, and it surely doesn't affect their performance in answering letters about universal translation gone awry, workplace infidelity, and the experience of living as a certain species. There aren't even any special guests who break into the studio to confront them about the problems they are avoiding in their personal lives. What a relief!

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Episode 16: The Shiniest of Aprons - A Dating Special

CN: This episode contains frank discussions of sex. Listener discretion is advised. 

Frankie joins Janet and Loaf to answer a flurry of dating-related queries. Are algorithms romantic? How does one politely address the logistics of interspecies relations? Is resplendent plumage enough to get you out of paying the check? All this and more on this special episode.

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