Hello, loyal listeners! We here at IFM 2 Subspace Radio are currently investigating new options for advertisers, and therefore new options to continue support for our many programs. Our station AI, Melody, has compiled this survey to find out how best to serve you, our audience, as well as the people who actually pay us.

Please answer the questions below to the best of your ability.

If yes, which one do you identify as?
Are you-
Choose all that apply.
Do you live alone?
Are you a duplicate?
Are you sure you're not a duplicate?
Do you consider yourself a duplicate?
This means limbs used primarily for locomotion. If all your limbs are multipurpose, please list all limbs.
What brands have appeared in your dreams?
Choose all that apply.
Please be detailed in your response.
Do you feel like you're in the prime of your life?
What words do you most associate Blank Slate Memory Wipes with?
Choose all that apply.
Please limit responses to the fourth decimal point.
This includes the Radical Space Anarchists, the Moon Liberation Faction, the Club Penguin Enthusiasts Society, and the Corporate Litigators Union. This does not include the Earth Anarchist Party, which is technically a neo-communist commune.
If your species does not have lips, please skip. If you have never had a kiss or a significant physical romantic interaction, or are not interested in discussions of such things, please skip.
Who is your favorite "Solutions to Problems" host?
Who is your favorite non-host contributor?
How did you find out about Solutions to Problems?
How would you describe Janet's voice?
Choose all that apply.
If yes, how useful was the advice?
Listener Experience
Listener Experience
Do you enjoy the show?
Do you feel like the hosts answer the questions sufficiently?
Do you think Janet talks too much? I kind of do. Gosh, Janet. We get it. You like crime.
Do you think Melody is the best co-host?
Do you think AIs should be in charge of listener surveys?
Do you think Janet is a bad person?
Do you think I should get back together with her officially? She has some good qualities. I'm kind of thinking about it, you know? We had some good times.
If not, please describe why.
Is this just fantasy?