Season 2 Announcement!

Season 2 of Solutions to Problems starts August 31st! Austin, Nathan, and Michael fill you in on all the details, including new ways to support the show. Also, an 8 bit surprise. We love you. We really, really do. Thank you for listening!

THE GIST IS: New episodes starting August 31st! Season 2 kicks off with 3 mini episodes before another 10 episode season (with a few more bonus episodes thrown in).

Austin's having laptop troubles at the moment, but the full transcript of the announcement will be up this weekend. [EDIT: It's up now! Check below.] Stick around til the end for an 8-bit version of our theme that Michael put together (it's really cute!)

[Theme music playing softly in background]

Nathan: Hi everyone, it's Nathan Comstock.

Austin: Aaand Austin Hendricks.

Michael: And Michael F. Gill.

Nathan: The people who make [deep robotic filter] Solutions to Problems.

Michael: We're happy to announce the start of Season 2. New episodes will begin every two weeks starting on August 31st. We will have three mini episodes to start off with, and then full episodes start on October 12th.

Austin: We are really excited for the new season. Most of our recurring cast members from Season 1 are coming back, including Frankie and Office Nassif are the two big ones. Also, new people that we're really excited for you to meet.

Michael: And we also have some new ways for you to support the show.

Nathan: One thing you can do is listen to us on RadioPublic. That's an app you can download on your phone just like Overcast or Apple Podcasts or any other app, except that sometimes it plays ads, and when it plays ads, we get a little bit of money.

Austin: Yeah! If you don't like listening to things on apps that have commercials, but you still want to give us money, there is a link on our website to our PayPal account where you can just give us dollars for literally nothing in return except our deep and genuine gratitude.

Nathan: Another great thing you can do to support the show that doesn't cost any money is to leave us a review on Apple Podcasts or Podchaser.

Michael: You can also check us out or tag us on social media.

Nathan: We're stp_podcast basically everywhere. Facebook doesn't let you use underscores so we're just stppodcast there.

Austin: We also have a website at that has all of our episodes as well as full transcripts, and again, links to all of the things we're talking about now.

(Transcriber note: Hi!!)

Michael: We're going to end this announcement with a special video game inspired version of our theme song.

Austin: We really appreciate the time that you're taking to not only listen to this announcement, but to listen to our show. We live in a difficult world right now and a difficult time, and we hope that this is a fun thing for you to do on your commute or when you're exercising or when you're just sitting in bed staring at your ceiling considering the void of the universe. If you're an American citizen, remember to vote in all relevant elections.

[Michael's lovely 8-bit version of the theme plays here. Does anyone want to make us a video game? Man, that would be so cool. Or entity, if you don't identify as a man and/or find colloquial use of the term man as a form of address annoying, which is valid. You're valid, entity reading this transcript. We like you.]

Austin: Hey everyone, it's Nathan Comstock!

Michael: [pause] See, I don't know who to say there after that! Like Austin-

[Nathan and Austin laugh]

Nathan: You're Austin Hendricks.

Michael: Am I Austin Hendricks?

Nathan: Yes, because otherwise I'm- One of us is Mi- Otherwise, you're yourself. [pause] Hey everyone, it's Michael F. Gill.

Michael: ... Who am I then??

[Everyone laughs]

Austin: You're still Austin!

That's a wrap on Season 1!

Hi everyone!

Thank you so much for listening to the first season of Solutions to Problems. This has been such a fun adventure, and we're excited to get started on our second season. In the meantime, stay tuned for mini-episodes, bloopers, and more.

Do you have a question you want answered? Want to be on the show? We're looking for both SCIENCE-FICTIONY QUESTIONS and LOVELY PEOPLE WILLING TO READ LETTERS. Readers only need some sort of recording device (a phone or a laptop with a decent microphone works great) and a willingness to do art for free. Need more information? Send us an e-mail or use the form on our contact page. (That e-mail you hear at the end of every episode - - is our e-mail account for EVERYTHING.) We might take a few weeks to get back to you, but we promise we read everything we get. 



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Hello listeners! 

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