Every episode has a full English language transcript provided online. (Some episodes also have the option to download the transcript as a PDF or watch as a video with captions. We're working on having this available for all of the episodes)

Season 1

Episode 101: Two Body Problem 

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Widely syndicated and beloved INTERGALACTIC RADIO PROGRAM Solutions to Problems welcomes a new co-host this week to discuss problems with humans, gift giving practices, and transporter incidents.

Episode 2: Ranking your friends

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Eeeheeheehee contemplates nicknames, what to do when your mate won't participate in the culling ritual, how to wrap your heads around wedding ettiquette, and holographic simulations gone wrong.

This episode introduces Valerie Loveland as Frankie.

Episode 3: Barbabrababs

Loaf and Janet discuss the pros and cons of joining a collective, what to do when you're left out of the fantasy baseball league just because you look like a horrifying monster, and shoes.

Episode 4: What is a phone, even?

This week Janet and Loaf tackle overly invasive phones, limericks, and how to handle your co-workers when you've seen species rise and fall against the backdrop of an uncaring universe.

Episode 5: Dangerous and Illegal Time Tourism

In this special edition of Solutions to Problems, Officer Nassif drops by to advise us on the difference between time travel and time dilation, if you should risk destabilizing the space-time continuum to save your brother's marriage, and whether inter-time relationships can ever work out.

This episode introduces Ramy Abdelghani as Officer Nassif.

Episode 6: The Big Game

In this episode, Loaf and Janet discuss the upcoming Big Game, the merits of travel over putting down roots, how to deal with the aftermath of a time loop, and what to do when you have a disturbing lack of faith in your boss. Plus: the return of Frankie!

Episode 7: Brain Parasites and You

This week, Loaf and Janet receive a message from a battle cruiser, discuss how to make an informed decision on whether or not to get a Todavian brain parasite, counsel a teenage girl on her universe bending powers, and dabble in diplomacy with Frankie.

Episode 8: Possibly-a-robot Moments

In this episode: Nassif returns to advice on a new time travel dilemma, a Grapnofalian pilot writes in about a crush on her boss, and what to do when your girlfriend might be a replicant.

Episode 9: That's Not a Unicycle, It's My Legs

In this episode: what to do when you're mistaken for non-sapient, how to handle a body swapping boyfriend, when simulations have you asking 'Is anything ever real???,' and that special anxiety that comes with a possible invasion.

Episode 10: Under New Management

Officer Nassif and Frankie return for our season finale. With the Grapnofalians in control of their solar system, the crew struggle to do their job while being closely watched. Also: the pros and cons of  freezing oneself to escape a dictatorship, financial advice from a robocall, and the ethics of timeline interference.

BONUS: Behind the Scenes of Season 1

In this EXCLUSIVE BONUS EPISODE, a person who is definitely Not Michael interviews the actors and writers behind Season 1. Also included: bloopers, sound checks, and awkward laughter.